04 June 2011

Oooh... Shiny!

Look away from the dysfunctional forums and exchange ... and the trolls and the flamers and bullies ... ignore the realisation that none of the bugs that have been around for ages seem to have been fixed with Generations ... and the patch has caused more than a few problems ... gloss over the increasing frustration and complaints ... turn your gaze from the news reports that might show things in a negative light ... 'cos you know that expansion you were waiting for (no, not weather or magic, silly) ... it's here ... look, look, look!

Look over there, it's ... Sims 3 Pets!!!  It's got the Grim Reaper on a horse!!!! (actually that's pretty cool)  And you can rave about it everywhere and pre-order months ahead ... go on ... you know you want to ... well, EA clearly want you to.


poida said...

I'll only buy it if there are flying cats in there...

and by that, I mean an actual flying cat in the DVD case (kinda like how they used to put toys in cereal boxes, do they still do that?)

miss_tickle said...

They can't be bothered putting a booklet in the case any more ... which does mean they will have room for the flying cat! And, um, not in the cereal I eat..