23 September 2011

Create-A-Pet Demo Derby

Unfortunately, it looks like that stands for "demolition" ... not "demonstration" ... for a lot of users.  So you won't find any links to it from here ... but there are plenty over at the TS3 site if you feel compelled to try it out. Proceed with caution though ... and keep an eye on developments over at Crinrict's Sims 3 Help Blog

But today's simming news isn't all bad ... I know you'll be excited as I am that EA have finally caved in to the overwhelming pressure over on the official forum to provide a ridiculously overpriced musical toilet. Who says they don't listen to what we want? 

21 September 2011

Hidden Springs

I finally started a new game in Hidden Springs on the weekend.  Some of the scenery is really beautiful and there are some really nice spots hidden amongst that greenery.  It actually looks like they've put a lot of effort into providing a nice setting for the town and giving it some character. 

Unfortunately, to balance out all that greenery, the centre of town is one big paving showroom with ample parking for your sims' abandoned cars.  Sure, there are a few trees ... see that dead one there?  That pink thing is some kind of fake cafe with ample toilet facilities.  The outdoor eating area at the bistro nearby is only slightly more inviting.  

For some reason, the houses in the "classy" bit of town look like an abandoned set from Edward Scissorhands (more about those another time).  Anyway, the first thing I did was bulldoze that enormous grey (and pink) eyesore and replace it with a modified version of my big park from Sunset Valley, which will do for now. 

Then I spent most of the day fixing up the town hall landscaping ...

And a little bit of time revamping the bistro as a proper small park ...

20 September 2011

Half Price Retail Therapy

The Australian Origin store was running a "limited time only" (not sure if 4 weeks counts but there you have it) sale on digital downloads ... with all TS3 expansions and stuff packs half price ... including the pre-order of the limited edition of Pets.  Tempting, but my internet plan isn't really set up for downloading too many games ... and I prefer the disc versions anyway.  Fortunately, they also had simpoints on sale for half price ... so I got enough to download Hidden Springs. 

Anyway, luckily for me, this month the disc version of Generations was also on sale for half price in store.  I figured I have all the bugs and crappy memories and romantic reputations for free anyway with the patch ... so I might as well have some of the good things as well.  Most of the new stuff looks fun ... and fortunately the families I've played so far don't have any of those creepy imaginary friends! 

11 September 2011

Darling View

One of the first houses I rebuilt in Sunset Valley was Agnes Crumplebottom's modern monstrosity, August Moon.  It's not the worst in town ... I think that honour goes to the Bunch residence ... but it's fairly awkwardly put together in typical EA slapdash fashion.  For those that don't know August Moon, it looked like this ... 

But in my revamped Sunset Valley, it looks like this ...

I've renamed the house Darling View because in my game, Erik Darling is resurrected and Agnes is happily decorating her nest. On the inside, it's now a little more conservative ... just like Agnes herself ...

You can download Darling View from my studio

Erik & Agnes Darling (household)

03 September 2011

An Eternal Kingdom

I've finally finished the New Beginnings ambition and created a new kingdom, Llanigon, in the An Eternal Kingdom free-play ambition.  This ambition lets you play, well, free-play, without an overall ambition which is great for trying things out.  Anyway, this is my Monarch, Lady Eigon, and her newly redecorated throne room... 

She's another good monarch (haven't got the hang of evil ones yet).  But don't cross her because she can still throw you in the pit ... this is someone who pretended to be her cousin meeting the pit beast ... 

I've added the Pirates & Nobles adventure pack and the decorating objects and new outfits look really good.  So far I've had a few scallywags wandering about town and boats being attacked but no pirate invasion as yet.  I have to admit that I'm really looking forward to trying out a few pirate quests.  Aaargggh me hearties!