07 May 2013

The Sims 4


It's not that much of a surprise since we knew it was in development ... and E3 is not far away ... so some kind of announcement made sense.  Risky timing if they were going with the online multiplayer mode but safe enough to keep it the same kind of game.  Not a lot of details at this stage though so it could go anywhere.  

The announcement was a little too heavy on the "we love our loyal fans".  I can't help wondering why, if they love us so much, they didn't bother to fix up Sims 3 when they had the chance, or even take care when releasing new content so that it didn't cause problems.  

Nice to see them confirm the "single player offline experience" (not online multiplayer as rumoured) and "no persistent internet connection required" right up front.  Should be interesting to see what that actually means when the game launches.  I suspect there will still be more online features than Sims 3.  And plenty of opportunities for microtransactions, ingame advertising, sponsored content and "buy stuff for DLC".  

I saw over at BeyondSims that there was a "possibility" of EA developing Steam workshop style system for users to make and share content for Sim City (and therefore supporting modding of the game).  Sounds like something they could adopt for Sims 4 as well.  Unfortunately I'm not sure they'll put enough effort into it to make it successful (unless they can find a way to make money from it).  Anything would be an improvement on the Sims 3 Exchange though.  

Sims 3 is such a high maintenance game and only works well for me thanks to Twallan's mods.  Without him around for Sims 4, I'm loath to invest in another EA series and have to take a punt on them actually doing it right this time.  I'll leave it until a few months after release and see how it goes.  


Caspin Sim said...

"if they love us so much, they didn't bother to fix up Sims 3"

You've hit the nail on the head there Miss Tickle. Their love for their fans is not at all clear to me - it's just words - and I don't have a lot of confidence in Sims 4 being so great that it'd be worth giving up on Sims 3. Not after all this money, time, effort and the safety net provided by Twallan's mods.

miss_tickle said...

I don't doubt The Sims Studio are passionate about the game but EA appear to have a habit of imposing formats, rules and deadlines that make it hard for their studios to release consistently good products.

Caspin Sim said...

I agree. I have friends who work in similar industries and too often they are unable to put forward their best work because of too-tight deadlines, under-resourcing and poor planning. It really stifles their creativity and the client ends up with a poorer quality product. Oh well, I'm always ready to be pleasantly surprised so we'll see.