15 October 2012

Lakeview Manor

In the densely forested foothills between Falkreath and Riverwood, overlooking Lake Ilinalta, stands Lakeview Manor, newly-built homestead for Lizette, the latest Thane of Falkreath, and her adopted daughters Hrefna and Lucia, dog Meeko, housecarl Rayya and steward Faendal.  

10 October 2012


OK. I admit it. I'm a little disenchanted with Sims 3 and EA and all the carry on.  I've been putting off posting anything because I'm just feeling way too negative. But I might as well get it out there and maybe I'll feel like playing and posting about TS3 again.  

I didn't think it was possible but the official forums seem to be worse than ever so I've been hiding out at Simpletons most of the time.  There are plenty of other great Sims-related places though.  I keep finding helpful (and friendly) advice over at the NRaas site and Crinrict's help blog.  And wonderful creations and legacies and everything on a whole range of Simmer blogs.  This is the community that keeps me interested and want to keep playing (and keeps my game working), not the EA spin on the TS3 world.

After nearly a year of trying every possible solution, I'm still not able to upload anything to the exchange.  Except for a couple of test files of course.  Nothing I actually want to keep works.  So I set up a Mediafire account and I'll be moving everything there and abandoning my studio on the official site completely.  Just as soon as I've made a few updates for more recent content of course.

Got TS3 Showtime a while ago for $19 but haven't really played any of the careers.  I've been working on my rebuild of Sunset Valley some more and including lots from the more recent expansions.  And I imported a few townies (and pets) and lots from other worlds so I could make them over for SV.  

Picked up TS3 Diesel Stuff last month for $12 and am glad I didn't pay full price.  The clothes and furniture are ok but a bit light on and not particularly useful unless you only play YA Sims.  Wasn't tempted to get KPST for $9.

TS3 Supernatural came out last month as well.  So glad I won't be paying full price for that one either.  I'm not getting it until they sort out the usual bugs and poorly thought out "features" (so maybe never) and it's less than half price.  "Zombie apocalypse" anyone?  Of course they can't fix anything if it's already happened in that legacy you've been playing for several generations.  Sorry.  Sweet of EA to include exclusive Plants vs Zombies content though and then kill off the studio that made it.  Kind of like a memorial. Oh, and the "intriguing" vampires .... sparkle.

They announced TS3 Seasons, due out in November.  I'm not convinced by that one yet.  So far they've managed to take all the things I liked in TS2 and fuck them up completely so I'm pretty sure diving boards, playing in the snow, swimming in the ocean and aliens won't be as expected.  Not to mention that here in the southern hemisphere, the bunnies and eggs appear in autumn and we don't ever celebrate - or decorate - with pumpkins, especially in spring.

I did cave and buy some more simpoints when they were on sale at half price a few months ago.  Then realised there was nothing much I wanted to spend them on.  I'm starting to suspect that they are now testing how silly they can make the new store sets and still get people to buy them.  That, and how many times they can get away with releasing premium content without testing whether it conflicts with everything else.

And releasing shiny new worlds that look good but need more work to be playable than they are worth (which incidentally is about as much as a stuff pack).  I might get the extra worlds if they ever bring them out on disc so they get reduced in price (Hidden Springs was $9 in last month's sale) but I can live without them.  I downloaded CAW and thought I'd have a go at creating my own world but then realised that would probably finish TS3 off for me completely.  I don't have the patience for it at the moment.

So I've gone back to tinkering around with Sunset Valley occasionally and trying not be be frustrated by the things that go inexplicably wrong.  I guess I'll show you what I'm up to eventually.

And now I'm heading to Skyrim to build me a house!