17 June 2011

Seaside Hangout & Diner

To free up a lot in the centre of town, I decided to add a seaside hangout and diner to the beach in Sunset Valley, just like you find in Barnacle Bay (but on a smaller scale). 

The hangout features a band platform and instruments, together with a dance floor and bar.  Quieter sims may be more interested in the chess table. Sims can also gather around the cosy fire pit or make food on the bbq grille. 

You will need to add a 30 x 30 lot to the beach of your selected town (preferably align it with the waterline). After you have added the hangout, you may need to soften the beach landscaping using the terrain tool under the build menu.  

You can download Tickle's Seaside Hangout & Diner from my studio.

I've also added the revamped rabbit hole lots I showed you earlier ... 


Zeriday said...

oo looks really nice!

miss_tickle said...

Thanks Zeri. And the good thing is that my Sims seem to like it!