27 June 2011

Pay Attention to ME!

I've been considering posting about the clamour of attention whores over on the TS3 forums ... is that the right collective noun?  Anyway, it's hard to say much without giving them more attention than they deserve.  And I'm not sure I can say it better than Wibs.

So, I'll just say ... have you noticed though that while one or two attention whores are annoying ... eventually there are so many they cancel each other out?  A lot like a cage of screeching chimpanzees at the zoo.

Actually, that also applies to nyancats! 

17 June 2011

Seaside Hangout & Diner

To free up a lot in the centre of town, I decided to add a seaside hangout and diner to the beach in Sunset Valley, just like you find in Barnacle Bay (but on a smaller scale). 

The hangout features a band platform and instruments, together with a dance floor and bar.  Quieter sims may be more interested in the chess table. Sims can also gather around the cosy fire pit or make food on the bbq grille. 

You will need to add a 30 x 30 lot to the beach of your selected town (preferably align it with the waterline). After you have added the hangout, you may need to soften the beach landscaping using the terrain tool under the build menu.  

You can download Tickle's Seaside Hangout & Diner from my studio.

I've also added the revamped rabbit hole lots I showed you earlier ... 

Ah Hey Ma Ma Ma

And hot on the heels of the announcement of Sims 3 Pets .... it's Sims 3 Get Stuffed Town Life Stuff!  Yes, there's new gym equipment and washing machines ... and some other stuff.    

Seriously, if it was full of stuff we'd never seen in Sims 3 before, it would be about life in a northern town. We could have a Mining Career (where you spend most of the time picketing the mine or unemployed) ... and a Salvation Army band option (or at least a brass band to keep it secular).  Maybe a few sombre wool coats ... and some proper winter clothes for those of us that don't live in Southern California.  

Anyway, let's hope there's something special in this stuff pack for those of you with weirdo Sims who don't like to hang out in gym gear and do laundry. Not that it bothers me all that much, since this is another one I won't be buying in any hurry.  

Everybody sing "Ah hey ma ma ma"! 

13 June 2011

Sunset Institute of Art

This is a compact art gallery building I designed to house the new Sunset Institute of Art.  It occupies the small corner site opposite Sunset Park where Le Petit Shark Pool was ... my art gallery building is now a nightclub complex (which I will show you later once I have the ropes and dance floors working properly).  

I went for a traditional style building that fits in better with the other main buildings in Sunset Valley (at least the way it looks in my game now).  The landscaping links to the adjacent revamped Mirabello Plaza shopping and theatre complex and the Little Corsican Bistro, which now look like this ... 

This is the sculpture garden at the side entrance to the art gallery.  The garden was inspired by the landscaping from Shang Simla with a little artistic licence. 

Interior view showing sections of the collection from Al Simhara ... the Champs Les Sim and Shang Simla collections share adjoining gallery spaces. 

You are welcome to download the Sunset Institute of Art building from my studio.

Sunset Park

I thought it was about time I showed you some of the things I've been working on in revamping Sunset Valley ... just so you know that I do actually play the game sometimes.

Firstly, Central Park is now Sunset Park, with plenty of activities for all ages ... play equipment for the kids ... Gnubb for the adults ... and chess, picnics and bbqs for everyone. No Generations content as yet (since I don't own it) but there's plenty of room to add more things in. 

The ponds are full of fish and the gardens are full of fruit trees, vegetables and life fruit for when you run out at home ... and there are even dig sites so you can get those pesky relics for school assignments without having to travel.

You are welcome to download Sunset Park from my studio. It's ready for you to add your own content from Generations.

04 June 2011

Oooh... Shiny!

Look away from the dysfunctional forums and exchange ... and the trolls and the flamers and bullies ... ignore the realisation that none of the bugs that have been around for ages seem to have been fixed with Generations ... and the patch has caused more than a few problems ... gloss over the increasing frustration and complaints ... turn your gaze from the news reports that might show things in a negative light ... 'cos you know that expansion you were waiting for (no, not weather or magic, silly) ... it's here ... look, look, look!

Look over there, it's ... Sims 3 Pets!!!  It's got the Grim Reaper on a horse!!!! (actually that's pretty cool)  And you can rave about it everywhere and pre-order months ahead ... go on ... you know you want to ... well, EA clearly want you to.