27 August 2011

All the News in Fruit

New Zealand apples have finally been cleared to be imported into Australia after a 90 year ban.  Australia has been using quarantine excuses regulations to protect its apple industry from imports (there is no fire blight and other diseases here as there is in many other countries).  The lack of competition means that apples here are relatively expensive and limited to only a few varieties.  NZ successfully took its case to the World Trade Organisation (and Australia lost its appeal) and the two governments have finally reached agreement on the regulations to protect the Australian industry from diseases.   Which you think would be the end of it ... but no.  

Mainly in the southern states (like here) the state governments, major supermarkets and growers have said they will continue the ban on NZ apples, which would leave Australia open to retaliatory action by NZ (who can stop taking Australian imports or raise tariffs by 100%).  So, for being such whiny babies and poor losers ... no more Australian apples for me*.   

In other fruit news, bananas are now $8 a kilo... um $12... no $9... $7 (still haven't bought any though). 

* Not that I eat a lot of apples because they are pretty ordinary here.  For a country that has ready access to a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables, it's amazing how much has been in cold storage for a very long time when you buy it ... even when it's in season.  

08 August 2011

Ah Um Spuckin Inglush Full

So I thought I'd try out the urlai blog analysing thingy that everyone has been playing with lately.  And what do you know, it seems to have been confused by my accent ... 

Mind you, that result certainly contains English words ... but I can understand why the widget thought my sentence structure and grammar might be foreign.