29 March 2012


Coming third in the voting isn't something you should brag about like you won ... especially when you use bribery and even then end up a long way behind the two that mysteriously disappear from the podium.

"Landslide" is always very quickly followed by "mandate".  Good luck Queensland!

You know you've left it too long when you announce your band is breaking up ... and everyone says "um, were they still together?"  This seems to be happening a lot lately. 

UPDATE: My teeth are already aching at the sight of all that sweet stuff.  Anyone surprised that Catloverplayer is hoping for candy themed hot tubs and double beds? 

14 March 2012

Saccharine Stuff

Well, I did warn you that the collaboration was for more than Showtime ... wait, was it only yesterday?  The latest rumours point to a Katy Perry themed stuff pack coming soon.  Um, no thanks ... my game is officially a KP-free zone.

13 March 2012

Remember Kids ... Katy Is For Life, Not Just For Showtime

It seems the EA collaboration with Katy Perry will extend to multiple games as well as all advertising and marketing of the Sims franchise .... not just Showtime.  So be nice to Katy, everyone.  No little trip to the farm when the cuteness wears off and you can't be bothered taking her out for walkies any more.

After all the assurances about simport being safe and secure (yeah, as safe and secure as the exchange maybe), somehow it still managed to allow cc through to be installed on other simmers' computers.  Cue, fastest patch development in the history of TS3 with a new patch released almost straight away ... only to be withdrawn when it gave away the secrets for the next expansion ... some kind of magic expansion with fairies and werewolves and zombies.  Looks like it might be worth waiting for ... but I bet someone over at EA didn't have the best week.  Oh, and did I mention that the updated launcher was then quarantined by Norton as a suspicious file?  Cue, March Mayhem sale on store items!  Look over here everybody!  Shiny, shiny!

Anyway, now that Showtime is out ... all other expansion and stuff packs are on sale.  And this time about a third of normal price, rather than the usual half price or advertised "buy one, get one free" deal.  So, I picked up TS3 Pets, together with Town Life Stuff and Master Suite Stuff, for a lot less than the basic version of Showtime.  Haven't had a chance to play yet, what with all the loading and testing and patching and testing and disabling the social crap features and testing ... then updating my mods ... but no loading the latest patch just yet.