28 May 2011

Everybody Sing La La La

It would be nice to think that the recent report of porn images being found on TS3 exchange will prompt EA to do something about the site that users have been complaining about for some time.  

The glitchy forums full of rampant trolls, spammers, flamers, drama llamas and bullies ... the lack of control over the creation of accounts that are being used to harass other users ... the slow response in dealing with reported content and users ... as well as the corrupt custom content and porn images in the exchange.  

My guess is that they will take the out of "an isolated incident" offered in the report and advise parents to monitor their children's Internet use and install security filters ... watch out, there are evil people out there, we must all work together make the Internet a safer place, as a company we take these things seriously, the incident is being investigated and our agents will take appropriate action ... there are so many clich├ęs available but you get the picture. 

This will be closely followed by them placing their hands firmly back over their ears and singing la la la*.  As with anything that doesn't show them in a good light, they'll move the whole thing to Technical Discussions then lock it and delete it.  

Some effort will go into diffusing the negative publicity ... no effort will go into fixing the problems.

* BTW I've decided to adopt this technique whenever Generations or new releases for the store are mentioned.  Seems fair to me.  Why don't you try it too? 


bluebellflora said...

I have no intention of paying for Generations..... And as soon as the Sim points I have are used up that's it, no more.

miss_tickle said...

At least we can still look forward to all that free fun in the Generations patch!