29 May 2012

May it Be

Where did April go?  And most of May too?  This has been sitting as a draft post for way too long now ... let's just get it over with!

Well, I think the big Sims thing I missed commenting on was the announcement of The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack.  It's coming out in July, just after that other candy flavoured fluff is being excreted released.  Doesn't look too bad but nothing spectacular (and I already have plenty of similar clothes).  Bad news for anyone looking for cool clothes for their elders ... the oldies miss out once again.

I've had a lot of visitors looking for info on Sims Medieval (it's finally overtaken KP as most popular post) ... anyway, sorry, can't help you at the moment as I'm still making my way through Skyrim.  If it's Medieval you're after then maybe you can make do with a few screenshots from my first game in Dragon Age Origins (bought it ages ago but just got around to playing it).

And a random screenshot from Skyrim ...

And now to end on a really random note ... thanks to Red Scharlach, who can watch everyone's cute furry mammal without thinking of everyone's favourite Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch? Otterly hilarious!