10 November 2011

Stuff That

I decided a while ago that I'd only buy new TS3 releases when they reduce in price (preferably to at least half-price).  Not a boycott, more of a go slow.  If EA can't be arsed fixing their game or even providing any kind of proper customer support, why should I bother rushing out to give them money?  

Clearly wise to my stalling tactics, EA have now released a stuff pack that's worth even less than half price.  A bed!  A chair!  A bath!  Lots of undies!  Meh ... they're not even trying any more.  Even the smiley-face jocks are too little, too late.

Master Suite Stuff may be the first release I don't buy at all (not that I have TLS or Pets yet but I intend to eventually).  Catloverplayer is welcome to my copy.