18 January 2012

Katy Who?

So there was another announcement about TS3 Showtime today ... lucky us, there's now a collector's edition with Katy Perry themed content.  Yeah, she's a "superstar" it seems and that's the kind of thing that appeals to the Sims 3 fanbase.  Apparently. 

I didn't think they could make this EP sound any less desirable ... but they've really hit a new low.  Giant fruit stage decorations and a bright pink wig count as themed content now.  What's more, Katy still can't sing in Simlish ... or even in English for that matter.  Oh well, just one more annoying Sim to feed to the cowplant.  

13 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I know I'm a bit late but I was waiting to make sure it would stick (that's my excuse anyway).  I guess it really is 2012 now so I hope you are having a happy new year and sticking to your resolutions!