31 December 2015

Before you go 2015 ...

Guess I really should provide an update before yet another year is over!

Now where was I?  Finished off 2014 playing Dragon Age Inquisition intensively and making my way through most of the main quest ... but stopping to collect everything on the way of course (lovers included).  Beautiful game and so much fun.

Started 2015 by stumbling around in Elder Scrolls Online a bit with my main character now rocking some much fancier armour than when she started.  Haven't had much chance to get back to Tamriel but hope to do so soon. I love the world - another beautiful game - and enjoy the questing and lore.  But I prefer playing solo so not keen on the multi-player side of things (though I did join a couple of really good guilds which helped a bit).  

Messed about a bit in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel though got distracted by other games and didn't really get very far.  Another one for pile of shame.  Played a lot of Banished and discovered some really nice mods for it.  Also played a lot of Civ V but couldn't really get into Beyond Earth.  Decided to try out the Assassin's Creed games and got most of the way into the first game before ...

Started on The Witcher 3 and can definitely say it's my game of the year.  Yet another beautiful game and a great story too.  Have done every little quest so far and am still sitting at around half way (at just over 130 hours).  I stopped playing until all of the free DLC came out. Also because I'm in Team Triss and waiting on the promised patch that adds more to that side of story before I continue. 

But of course then got lead astray collecting junk and building settlements in Fallout 4 (one of the few games I've played where my character actually looks better in game than in the creator - or in screenshots) ...

I also ordered Batman Arkham Knight somewhere in the middle there but ended up returning my pc version for a refund.  Now juggling post-apocalyptic wastelands of Boston with Victorian London in Assassin's Creed Syndicate and itching to send Geralt of Rivia on to the Isle of Mists to continue his (and Ciri's) story. 

What about Sims you may ask?  I managed to get Mortimer Goth and Bella Bachelor together and off to university in Sims 3 ... until my game started to Error 12, leaving them in student hell.  Not sure how I managed it but their home world is gone so I'll have to go back and start over.  So high maintenance!  But still haven't been frustrated or even bored enough to try out Sims 4. 

That's about it for my year and a bit of games (though there are plenty more I've played but haven't mentioned ... and far too many still on my pile of shame).  Personally, it's been a bit of a crap year for various reasons (hence my longer than intended absence) but there's finally light at the end of the tunnel. 

So here's to 2016 being a fantastic year!