13 June 2011

Sunset Park

I thought it was about time I showed you some of the things I've been working on in revamping Sunset Valley ... just so you know that I do actually play the game sometimes.

Firstly, Central Park is now Sunset Park, with plenty of activities for all ages ... play equipment for the kids ... Gnubb for the adults ... and chess, picnics and bbqs for everyone. No Generations content as yet (since I don't own it) but there's plenty of room to add more things in. 

The ponds are full of fish and the gardens are full of fruit trees, vegetables and life fruit for when you run out at home ... and there are even dig sites so you can get those pesky relics for school assignments without having to travel.

You are welcome to download Sunset Park from my studio. It's ready for you to add your own content from Generations.

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