17 June 2011

Ah Hey Ma Ma Ma

And hot on the heels of the announcement of Sims 3 Pets .... it's Sims 3 Get Stuffed Town Life Stuff!  Yes, there's new gym equipment and washing machines ... and some other stuff.    

Seriously, if it was full of stuff we'd never seen in Sims 3 before, it would be about life in a northern town. We could have a Mining Career (where you spend most of the time picketing the mine or unemployed) ... and a Salvation Army band option (or at least a brass band to keep it secular).  Maybe a few sombre wool coats ... and some proper winter clothes for those of us that don't live in Southern California.  

Anyway, let's hope there's something special in this stuff pack for those of you with weirdo Sims who don't like to hang out in gym gear and do laundry. Not that it bothers me all that much, since this is another one I won't be buying in any hurry.  

Everybody sing "Ah hey ma ma ma"! 

1 comment:

poida said...

I hope one day they release a stuff pack that contains nothing but bouncy castles, that would be epic (and possibly a bit amusing)