29 February 2012

It's My Page ...

Nobody knows where my stickers have gone,
Privacy left the same time,
Why do you post on my page,
When it's supposed to be mine?

It's my pa-age, and I'll hide if I want to,
Hide if I want to, hide if I want to,
You would hide too if it happened to you!

Postin' your comments, keep goin' all night
Can't leave me alone for a while,
Now friends of friends have joined in,
I've got no reason to smile.

It's my pa-age, and I'll hide if I want to,
Hide if I want to, hide if I want to,
You would hide too if it happened to you!

Yes, it's EA's my page and it's finally here.  It's like Facebook without the filters ... and the privacy options ... and the organisation.

Before the change, I reduced my friends list to those people I actually know.  But I lasted less than 24 hours of the new format before I deleted everyone on the list ... sorry if this upset anyone.  Most on the list know where to find this blog or can contact me over at Simpletons.  I don't spend much time over at the EA site anyway and don't intend to change that. 

I also made my page private for a while ... then changed the privacy backwards and forwards a few times.  Anyway, I've decided to make it public for now but not allow comments.  Once the Showtime patch arrives, I'm sure my game will be happily posting updates without my knowledge ... so it'll probably switch back to private.  Nobody needs to know how often my Sims visit the toilet ... not even me. 

23 February 2012

Space Oddity

Yikes ... if this is what space looks like then I'm cancelling my application for the astronaut program!

I liked the concept but the world itself is the ugliest I've ever seen.  Sure, it's possible someone out there has made an uglier one, but I'm guessing it won't be on sale for $25 (sorry, $22 on special).  Anyway, I was hoping EA had some better screenshots up their sleeves, but alas no, there's just no making that place look good.  And there aren't even any aliens.

To be honest, I don't think my Sims will ever call Lunatic Lunar Lakes home. 

21 February 2012

My Cousin's Out Fighting Dragons & What Do I Get?

Aren't those Skyrim guards a laugh and a half?  I once had one standing next to me and complaining about getting stuck with guard duty ... while I was fighting off a dragon attacking Whiterun.  Excuse me ... maybe that's because you don't seem to know what a dragon looks like!  

I haven't killed any dragons for a few days and actually returned to Sims on the weekend.  Sims 2, that is, which I haven't played in over 18 months.  So much for spending a couple of hours tinkering and getting back to Skyrim ...   

10 February 2012

Fun in Skyrim

One of the fun things to do in Skyrim is to use dragon shouts or magic to do away with your enemies in a variety of very impressive ways.  And who doesn't enjoy taking out a few trolls? 

A big thank you to AE, BluebellFlora and the rest for a job well done!
(if you are living under a rock and missed it all ... read about it at Grumpy Toast)

Now ... please let the drama-mongering end!

BTW the video is not mine.  For a start, my character's magic skills are nowhere near that advanced ... she's more of a whack 'em with a big sword kinda gal.