23 September 2011

Create-A-Pet Demo Derby

Unfortunately, it looks like that stands for "demolition" ... not "demonstration" ... for a lot of users.  So you won't find any links to it from here ... but there are plenty over at the TS3 site if you feel compelled to try it out. Proceed with caution though ... and keep an eye on developments over at Crinrict's Sims 3 Help Blog

But today's simming news isn't all bad ... I know you'll be excited as I am that EA have finally caved in to the overwhelming pressure over on the official forum to provide a ridiculously overpriced musical toilet. Who says they don't listen to what we want? 


bluebellflora said...

I have been Simming for 11 years now and all I have ever wanted is an all-singing, all-dancing loo. How did EA know? Sorry, was that comment dripping with too much sarcasm? ;)

miss_tickle said...

It's nice to know EA are putting their resources into doing the things that really matter ... why fix bugs when you can provide premium content!