20 September 2011

Half Price Retail Therapy

The Australian Origin store was running a "limited time only" (not sure if 4 weeks counts but there you have it) sale on digital downloads ... with all TS3 expansions and stuff packs half price ... including the pre-order of the limited edition of Pets.  Tempting, but my internet plan isn't really set up for downloading too many games ... and I prefer the disc versions anyway.  Fortunately, they also had simpoints on sale for half price ... so I got enough to download Hidden Springs. 

Anyway, luckily for me, this month the disc version of Generations was also on sale for half price in store.  I figured I have all the bugs and crappy memories and romantic reputations for free anyway with the patch ... so I might as well have some of the good things as well.  Most of the new stuff looks fun ... and fortunately the families I've played so far don't have any of those creepy imaginary friends! 

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