02 July 2011

A Little Ditty about Hank & Pauline

Hank Goddard and Pauline Wan are one of my favourite townie couples so I didn't want to change them too much.  I kept Hank's quiet nerdy look but made Pauline a bit more rock and roll.  Wan never really suited her so I made her Wilder ... wilder by name, wilder by nature.

I think I may have mentioned already that I don't like the way the townies are pretty much singles and couples without any family links in town.  So I've added Jay to the household as Pauline's lazy rock guitarist brother. Here they are ... though maybe the sport channel isn't their thing. 

Ah, that's more like it ... oh yeah life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone (just in case you were waiting for the little ditty bit).

And now the house which is one of the seafront pre-mades.  I kept the basics of the weatherboard (clapboard) original but fixed the roof and balconies (the ones on the pre-mades always seem a bit awkward). 

Downstairs, a large living area and eat-in kitchen as well as bathroom and laundry ...

And two bedrooms and another bathroom upstairs ... 

You can download the Weather by Sea house from my studio:

Wilder-Goddard household

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