09 July 2011

Down to Business

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I moved the diner to the seaside so I could add the Sunset Valley Mall to the vacant lot where the diner used to be.  This lot has Doo Peas Corporate Towers and Sunflower Spa in a single lot and a bit of landscaping for Sims to hang out in.

On the opposite corner where the spa used to be I added a larger lot to take Restylers Salon.  This is the revamped standard Ambitions salon with landscaping to match in with the mall. 

I cleared some trees and moved the lot the spa used to be on to the opposite side of the road.  This is Suds Laundromat for all those poor Sims that don't have washing machines at home or like to hang out in public and wash their dirty laundry. 

You are welcome to download these lots from my studio 


scones said...

I love how it's starting to look like a real plaza.

bluebellflora said...

It looks really lovely :)