16 April 2013

(Will) Wright Reading Room

And so to Sims ... and back to Riverview to try out some of my new store content with some farming families.  I started a game there after Pets came out since Riverview seems to suit the animal theme so well (and Appaloosa Plains took so long to load that I gave up).  I made a start on revamping the town centre back then but ran out of steam with the library and art gallery as they needed a major rebuild.  Nothing from my lot library would fit so it was start from scratch when I went back.

Anyway, here's my update of the (Will) Wright Reading Room, that I've been working on the last couple of days.  It borrows heavily from the library I created in January for Moonlight Falls (but on a smaller scale).

Roof terrace with quiet spots for reading and writing.  

And on the inside, it's pretty much the typical library space.  

Download (Will) Wright Reading Room

(oh, yes, it appears I can now upload to the Exchange)


Mea said...

It's beautiful! Love the reading room :)
I'm off to Recommend it on the exchange! :D

miss_tickle said...

Thanks Mea!