06 April 2013

Strangely Lucky

Finally started a game in Lucky Palms to try it out since I've had it sitting there for a while.  I was looking for somewhere to test my game before going back to a saved game and doing more building.

I don't think Lucky Palms does the desert theme as well as Al Simhara, even allowing for the different country and the lack of interesting bits like pyramids, tombs and sphinxes.  Whilst it's big and the layout is good with plenty of space for a variety of lots from the expansions, the desert landscape looks like an after-thought.  As usual with EA worlds, the standard lots are fairly average with their lack of attention to detail or design.  But there are a couple of areas that are surprisingly good like the docks area and the park next to the wishing well.

Overall, it made me nostalgic for Strangetown from TS2, which was much smaller but at least had some interesting spots to explore ... and some far more interesting pre-mades.  I hate how the pre-mades in TS3 worlds that are recreations of favourites from TS2 share very little but a name with the originals. Anyway, I don't think I'll be hanging out in Lucky Palms for very long.

Here's my work-in-progress down at the docks ... 

Update: You can't be that surprised, Mares.  I did say that I wasn't keen on the desert landscape back when I got it.  Maybe living not that far from a real, but very different, desert landscape has affected my expectations!  Anyway, thank you for the congrats on 10,000.  

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