28 April 2013

Mostly Complete

I guess this post contains spoilers of sorts if you haven't done the quests yet.  If you don't want to know  anything at all about what happens in the Skyrim DLC then you should probably stop reading right now. 

Lord Harkon is dead and Skyrim is saved from eternal darkness.  So, aside from a couple of side quests, Dawnguard is over and done with. I've had the DLC disabled in my game ever since I started a new character that, on returning to Whiterun after killing the first dragon at the Western Watchtower, walked in on a vampire raid inside the gates that had already killed Adrianne Avenicci and the annoying Nazeem.  Then she went to Riverwood and arrived in the middle of another raid.  And then to Whiterun stables to use the cart to go elsewhere and there were more vampires.  She was only about Level 10 and not much use at all against them.  Thankfully, now I can head back to the towns without a rash of vampire attacks taking out my townsfolk. 

Also, it happened a while ago but Miraak is dead too and the Dovakiin learnt to fly dragons.  So, aside from a couple of side quests, Dragonborn is over and done with.  I will miss the bizarre world of Apocrypha, the endless library of forbidden knowledge.  Always made me feel like Alice in the original Wonderland (definitely not the Disney version).  Guess I can use this stack of Black Books to go back if I choose.

And I've built all three houses available through Hearthfire, and made Thane in the three holds, as well as adopted two children.  So, that's that all the Skyrim DLC mostly complete I guess.  Time to get back to the main quest. 

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Zeri Blackheart said...

ive decided that Falkreath is my favorite stead. i just love it there, and usualy when i make a new toon thats the only one ill buy/develop now. my little girls didnt like the one up by Morthal. they complained the swamp was scary. plus is was just snowy and windy ALL the time. i still havent done much on Solstiem with my newest toon. shes still just a litl squishy. but once in a while i head up there, do a quest or 2, and then head home lol. i found a pirate treasure island up there. but i havent located the key for it yet. thts gonna bug me. i did dawnguard almost first. since my thief is an archer i wanted that crossbow XD. but even that i had to take some breaks from here and there because she kept gettting killed. this character was definately challenging when she was lower lev. now shes 40 something and finaly not dying so much. the DLC is a little more advanced i think, made for people who were already leveled up and ready to go. i just cant fight the urge to go after those questlines first tho hahaha