31 January 2013

Duplo Island

Just when you thought it was safe to go near the official TS3 site again, there's yet another new world coming out.  And there's at least a dozen threads over there about it so you shouldn't have any trouble finding some info.  

Here's the somewhat doctored panoramic view of Aurora Skies ... but I wouldn't bother to enlarge it since it doesn't get any better than this.  It looks pretty unfinished for something that goes on sale in 3 weeks.  Well, I guess they do have a bit of time ... it's not like they have to test it or anything. 

Aurora Skies has all the usual features of recent store worlds ... an ironed-out bit for the buildings and a steep, lumpy bit over the back for the landscape ... a half-arsed arrangement of dull community lots and blocky houses ... and premium content you won't get unless you buy the world.  The unique selling features for this one seem to be the northern lights (night sky effects) and the hot water lake.  

As I said in the discussion thread ...

I'll pass on this one. Hidden Springs has more than enough nature and scenery for me. I think the houses here are better than the candy-coloured ones in HS (even if they are bright) but the centre of town is pretty ordinary (not unlike HS). Anyway I get plenty of amazing northern lights in Skyrim so am not looking for a pale imitation in TS3.

Whether you can actually fit all the lots you want for your home world is yet to be seen.  It would be nice though to have something that doesn't need a major makeover before you can play. Overall, it looks to me like they had a halfway decent idea ... then googled a few images of Iceland (try it and you'll see what I mean) and gave them to the work experience student to develop a world from.  

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