23 January 2013

Worlds Apart

And now (finally) a TS3-related post.  I started a post on the new store content but there were just too many things to comment on.  So I decided to break it down a bit, starting with the new worlds offered.

First off there was Sweaty Lucky Palms.  Wasn't going to get this one as it didn't interest me.  Actually I think it's interesting that so many things get tip-toed around in TS3 and deemed "not suitable for teens" but gambling isn't a problem.  But mostly it's that I don't like the desert theme, though some of the building styles aren't bad.  And then I picked it up in the Cyber Monday sale for 65% off (with the simpoints I got for half price) since that made it not much more than the cost of the Wishing Well (which was the only bit I really wanted, at least a little bit).  Haven't played it though. 

Next off came Sunburnt Sunlit Tides.  Still not convinced by this one as the lots seem to be too restrictive in size and number to use it as a home world and utilise at least a range of expansions.  Maybe one day if I feel the need for a holiday destination or story location (and it's on sale).  That's if I finally feel brave enough to send my Sims off travelling, perhaps never to return (or to return as clones). 

My favourite bit though is the POW camp.  Nice touch!

Lastly, there was Monte Cristo Vista ... a Tuscan-influenced town, with more than a few Ancient Roman decorations.  'Cause Italy's a small country, right?  Though I guess it's not much different from being able to the Eiffel Tower from the South of France (á la Champs Les Sims).

My main objection to this world though is the awkward live chat that was used to market it.  Seriously, Mario and Luigi are the only Italians you could think of?  I bet Nintendo were happy with the free plug ... and that I went right out and got New Super Mario Bros 2 instead.  Monte Vista looks interesting, though again lot numbers and sizes are restrictive, but I'm waiting for this one to be heavily reduced in the shops.  

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