25 January 2013

Supernatural Seasons

And the good news is that the post-Xmas sales brought me both Supernatural and Seasons for the normal price of one expansion, with enough left over for a cup of coffee.  I finally installed Supernatural a couple of weeks ago and started a new game in Moonlight Falls.

And have been making over a few lots and households ever since.  I haven't played at all but decided I might as well install Seasons straight away so I didn't have to redo the lots (again).  Here's a selection of changes I've made in Moonlight Falls so far.  

New landscaping to the Commonwealth Court rabbithole. One day I might go with a different colour scheme for my main areas of planting but (a) I like purples and blues, and (b) the planting in other colours doesn't always work as well. 

Updated Library and new landscaping to grounds.  I messed around with the external stairs to the basement for a while but eventually added a lift instead to access the basement and roof areas.  


Updated Playful Playground with some more interesting play equipment.

A new schoolyard for the Academy, with planting in whites and pinks (yeah, I do sometimes do different things).

A selection of made-over smaller houses in the trailer park area (Pappy, Farmwell and Nix households).

And a work in progress, a Victorian villa.

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