17 February 2013


So the Dragonborn came and learnt a few new skills including ... (spoiler ahead)
... how to ride a dragon.  And it was so much fun! 


Zeri Blackheart said...

i was a tad disapointed in that feature. all you can do is glide around in a circle.. cant really 'fly' the dragon at all. certainly cant steer him and go where you want. its just for battle purposes. altho i bet its fun against the storm cloaks hahaha

miss_tickle said...

I hoped it would fly a bit further but I found that you can steer a little. It kept zeroing in on my follower so you need to watch what it locks on in battle. This one decided to land in a dragon area so my khajiit had to battle two dragons straight after landing (they appeared just after I told it to land so couldn't check if they will battle in the sky).