23 February 2012

Space Oddity

Yikes ... if this is what space looks like then I'm cancelling my application for the astronaut program!

I liked the concept but the world itself is the ugliest I've ever seen.  Sure, it's possible someone out there has made an uglier one, but I'm guessing it won't be on sale for $25 (sorry, $22 on special).  Anyway, I was hoping EA had some better screenshots up their sleeves, but alas no, there's just no making that place look good.  And there aren't even any aliens.

To be honest, I don't think my Sims will ever call Lunatic Lunar Lakes home. 


Zeri McIntosh said...

well at least im not the only one who thinks this world is hideous. im not interested one little bit. bleh

Leggokatz said...

Lol, Lunatic Lakes! I didn't buy it, it was gifted or I never would have even thought to get it... It really is ugly overall but there is a couple small spots that are pretty up close... EA waste at it's finest!

miss_tickle said...

I suppose it doesn't look too bad in some of the close shots. I could see myself spending hours trying to make the whole thing look better and getting frustrated.

miss_tickle said...

I had to laugh that they announced it as the "most anticipated item of the year". Wow, like so far or is this as good as it's going to get all year? What more than the magic set or the climbing wall?