10 February 2012

Fun in Skyrim

One of the fun things to do in Skyrim is to use dragon shouts or magic to do away with your enemies in a variety of very impressive ways.  And who doesn't enjoy taking out a few trolls? 

A big thank you to AE, BluebellFlora and the rest for a job well done!
(if you are living under a rock and missed it all ... read about it at Grumpy Toast)

Now ... please let the drama-mongering end!

BTW the video is not mine.  For a start, my character's magic skills are nowhere near that advanced ... she's more of a whack 'em with a big sword kinda gal. 

1 comment:

Zeri said...

my favorite shout for dispatching enemies is good ol fire breath. i love bursting into a fort or a dungeon and just blasting whatever is in my path. shoot first, pick bodies later XD