18 January 2014

Azure Heights Pool 2.0

I've updated the pool complex surrounded by loft houses in Sunset Valley with the pool slide, diving boards and pool bar that have been added to the game with updates and expansions.  The only store content is the outdoor shower that came with the Serenity Spa venue in Sunlit Tides.  The small square pool with fountain is a toddler pool. 

Isn't it amazing how much difference a couple of years makes to this lot.  The original version only had pool ladders because that was all that came with the base game.  The pool slide or diving board, preferably both, should've been in the base game from the start.  The diving board was added with the patch for Seasons (technically making it base game I suppose) and the pool slide came with Island Paradise.  No surprises now, of course, since we've learned that's just the way they do business.  

Download Azure Heights Pool 2.0