06 January 2014

Thank you, Twallan!

We had a teesny-weensy earthquake here this morning.  I thought it was a heavily-laden truck speeding too close to the house ... except for there being no actual truck and no way for one to gain the required speed either.  Apparently that's what passes for an earthquake here.  

But it was nothing compared to the rumbles caused by Twallan's announcement that he will no longer be modding for Sims 3.  I can only think of all the times his work has saved my game from EA's game-breaking patches and premium content.  And all the fun and life his mods have added to my gameplay.   

So, thank you, Twallan, for all you have done for Simmers everywhere.  Without your hard work, many of us - especially me - would not have stuck with it so long!