15 March 2014

Freeze or Starve?

For the past few weeks I've been playing Banished, a city-building strategy game developed by the one-man Shining Rock Software.  It's taken quite a few restarts but I'm almost to the point of keeping everyone alive through every winter with the occasional one dying during childbirth or trampled by a boar and the rest dying of old age.  Heath and happiness are up but disaster may be just around the corner. 

I finally got one village to over 300 citizens when the nomads I accepted brought typhoid with them and wiped out a third of the town.  I couldn't build cemeteries fast enough!  Then there was the game where all the food producers kept starving and all the woodcutters kept freezing to death.  I can only conclude that the children steal all the food and firewood (and pick a pocket or two as well) while the adults are at work.

I've checked out a few wikis and forums but the more tips I followed from other players, the worse things seemed to go.  No one solution works for every game so it's a case of finding what works best for the game you are in.  And sometimes it's so elusive ... like if you'd only done the right thing an hour ago then things wouldn't have taken a dive.  

As Leo says, "First they were banished.  Now they're dying, thanks to me".