28 March 2013

Poor Lara!

Never has a girl been so battered and bruised in the name of archaeology.  And no wonder she turned out the way she did. 

Thoroughly enjoying Tomb Raider, though saving it to play when I'm best able to cope with Lara's many trials and tribulations.  There are so many painful moments in the game and I've felt every single one like it's happened to me.  Lara's deaths are brutal and gruesome ... and each one worse than the last.  I'm only about halfway through the game ... mostly because I'm an explorer and have to find every bit of treasure, scrap for upgrades and equipment parts. 

Finding quality gaming time has been a challenge in the Tickle household lately with family illness and work commitments causing a bit of stress ... and a serious lack of sleep ... in the last few weeks.  

Thankfully the worst of it has passed and I can look forward to the next four days holiday for eating chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns ... and I have some holidays coming up next month.  I'm aiming to finish Tomb Raider, play through the Dawnguard quests in Skyrim (keep forgetting to load that one now that my character is a higher level) as well as fit in some lengthy sessions of Sims 3 now that things have settled down after the University Life patch (love how even if you don't get the expansion, you get the worst of the bugs).  

And if I get through all that then there are a few other games on the started but not yet completed pile too ... Dishonoured, LA Noire, Batman: Arkham City to name a few ... and a whole stack of stuff I haven't even played yet.  

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