27 March 2013

One Person's Paradise ...

Oh, yeah.  I forgot ... a while ago EA announced the new expansion pack due out in June ... Island Paradise.  It was in the live broadcast apparently (sorry, missed the whole thing due to not having nearly an hour and a half free to cringe at the awkwardness of it all).  Do EA make those things deliberately as long and awkward as possible to ensure simmers will find their twitter feed interesting?  

Anyway, so far Island Paradise sounds like my holiday nightmare.  Resorts?  No thanks, unless you mean absolutely last resort, of course.  Epic buffets?  Hmmm, all-you-can-eat is not my kinda thing.  Fire walking pits and many other amenities?  That sounds like a cheesy "personal development" hell-hole.  Scuba diving?  No water activities thanks (shudder).  Jet skiing?  Um, no again (see previous answer).  Houseboats on the open seas?  Sounds like a recipe for sea sickness ... those things are only built for calm water.  Sailing off into the sunset?  No, I don't think ... actually, would that get me outta here?  As holidays go, I'd rather spend a week in a tiny caravan with Father Noel Furlong and an Irish-dancing youth group.  

But, as usual, Island Paradise has some build and buy stuff that would be useful elsewhere so I guess I'll get it eventually ... like in about 6 months when it's less than half price and mods have dealt with the glitches ... and I've worn out the other expansions.  Maybe. 

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