24 March 2013

Hold the Reticulated Splines, Thanks!

Remember that EA poll I mentioned last month?   Well, I never thought "reticulating your splines" meant "pulling your hair out in frustration at EA's crappy games".   But there you go. 

It looks like offline play wasn't in Maxis's "vision" for Sim City, which was unfortunate given the widespread connection issues on release.   If it did have an offline single player mode then I'd definitely buy it because it looks like a great game, even with the somewhat wacky AI and other issues.  However, it's not in my "vision" to support EA's DRM delusions masquerading as multi-player features I don't want. 

Come to think of it (and I've said it here before), it's not in my "vision" to pay EA anything more than half price for its games.  Especially when buying them on release tends to lead to frustration at their shortcuts and poor implementation, and, at worst, not being able to play at all.  Which means no University Life for me just yet, not that I'm particularly hanging out for it. 

I haven't had Supernatural and Seasons for very long and definitely haven't played my way through all they contain.  Sims 3 is not high on my playlist at the moment anyway.   My weekend simming consisted of downloading the 1.50 patch and all of Twallan's mods that have been updated.  And I grabbed a couple of things from the store that were on special.  Which meant, of course, that I had to reinstall my store content as it magically uninstalls itself every time I try to add more. 

So glad I opted for Tomb Raider instead.

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