20 October 2011

Eeples Eend Beeneenees

As promised in my last fruit update, I haven't bought any Australian apples (or pears) for a while. My very small personal campaign (with no real sacrifice on my part) seems to be having the right effect with the South Australian Government backing away from imposing quarantine zones. 

"Industry were concerned that it may send a negative message to South Australian consumers and we may actually see a drop in the sale of apples and pears right across the board, irrespective of their source."

NZ apples haven't made their way to South Australia yet ... not quite the flood the local industry were worried about ... but I can't wait!

And for my regular readers waiting on the latest banana news ... sales are so slow that, I think for the first time ever, bananas are being specially advertised on TV so that we know they are back in the shops ... at $7.50 a kilo. 

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