06 April 2011

Super Secret Surprise!

Yes, it's TS3 Generations EP.  I don't think EA understand that 'secret' means something everyone doesn't know already.  Or perhaps the 'super' bit was meant to imply irony.  Also, I'm not sure why they needed extra time for the announcement ... unless they were knocking up a replacement trailer so they could pretend the leaked one wasn't really theirs.

Or maybe they needed to check 31 May for them wouldn't be some silly celebration ... like June Fool's Day ... for the rest of the world.  Actually, 1st June is International Children's Day.  Appropriate but accidental timing I'm sure, since they haven't mentioned it in their promotion thus far. 

Overall, Generations looks good to me.  Some great things like memories, new interactions and fun activities (especially for children and teens), and what look like useable objects instead of the decorative versions (tree houses, strollers, bunk beds, etc) ... some ok things like proms and graduations that we don't really do here ... and a few hmmm things like pranks and bachelor parties that probably won't be happening in my game (there's enough vomiting due to the vampires thanks).  It's always a bit hard to tell a lot from a trailer but overall a preliminary thumbs-up from me.

So, will I buy it?  Maybe one day.  I can play TS3 now thanks only to Twallan's mods so I'm not keen to add more "official" releases until I know what I'm getting.  And I'll be waiting until EA fix some of the bugs that already exist ... as well as try to improve their management of the forums and their customer and technical support generally.  Yes, I know it could be a long wait but it will be worth it!  

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