21 April 2011

Squee ... Bunnies!

Hope you have a fun and restful Easter holiday ... full of lots of fluffy bunny goodness!

It's another chance to eat lots of chocolate (like anyone really needs an excuse) ... with the added attraction of hot cross buns.  Actually, hot cross buns have been in the shops here since February, so we're a bit over them already.  

We follow the pagan tradition of celebrating spring with plenty of bunnies and eggs and so on ... even if it is actually autumn here!  Apparently you're supposed to hang the hot cross buns up to ward off evil spirits (which comes in handy for when you just can't eat another one). 

We're having a quiet Easter at home ... indulging in the obligatory chocolate treats ... and enjoying our favourite movies for this time of year ... Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Chocolat ... with more than enough chocolate and Johnny Depp in both of them to keep the whole family entertained.

Yes, Johnny Depp is a bit creepy as Willy Wonka but at least he's nowhere near as creepy as Gene Wilder in the earlier version.

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