19 April 2011

How Do We Solve A Problem Like Claire Ursine?

Poor Claire ... she's not exactly Sunset Valley's model mum, is she?  When a new game starts, she is Jared Frio's ex and little does she know but she has a surprise on the way ... in my current game, a little girl named Latonya. 

Busy making her way in the criminal career from her start as a getaway driver, she doesn't have time to care for poor little Latonya ... only pausing briefly to stick a pin randomly in a gossip mag in order to find a name for her new baby ... and then leaving her on the back doorstep each night when she leaves for work. 

Luckily for Claire, the social workers don't seem to take much notice of NPC parenting so she still had Latonya when I changed to her household.  Normally, when I am playing the Frio household, I would get Jared to kidnap the baby from the back doorstep and add her to his family.

In my latest game, I thought I'd try something different.

Fortunately, a baby sitter turned up the first night as Claire was due to leave for work ... so I added her to the household to look after the baby on a more permanent basis.  Then with the help of a mod I made the Candy the babysitter .... into Candy, Claire's little sister.

This change was followed by a long makeover session ... using a mod to edit the sims in CAS so I could change more than just their hair and clothes.  Claire needed major work but I didn't want to make her too un-Claire so I kept the criminal career, the tomboy clothes and the short, red hair.  The basics are there but now she's just that little bit more stylish.

And I kept the basic yellow theme for the house but updated the nasty green trim and tacky red furniture ... and provided a crib so that the newly re-christened baby Heidi wouldn't have to sleep on the floor.

Finally, Candy (with the guitar) and Heidi (now aged-up to a child) received hair and features to match Claire's new look (centre) to make them all look recognisably like one family. 

So ... how did I do?

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