13 June 2014

Coming ... Ready or Not?

So it seems that the Sims team fronted up to E3 with a few Sims 4 animations and no actual gameplay preview.  Just under three months to go to release and it's looking like the gaming equivalent of a baby-cino... all froth and no substance.  Plenty of other games had actual gameplay on show (and a lot of those aren't out until next year).

I get the feeling they have really dumbed down simplified the coding this time.  Sims 3 was pretty ambitious I guess, with its open world and its customisation options (including CASt).  Probably too ambitious, since the Sims team didn't seem to be able to do anything to it without messing something else up.  Nothing ever seemed to work as intended.

From what I've seen, this new Sims 4 model with its "districts" and limited customisation should actually make the game more reliable (and, you'd think, easier to get right).  So, why can't they show us?  Shouldn't it be almost ready to release, with just some finishing touches to go? 


Caspin said...

The analogy with a baby-cino is the best I have encountered!

miss_tickle said...

I wasn't sure if anyone would know what a baby-cino is!