16 May 2014

Sims 4 CAS

This image has been hanging around in my draft posts for quite a while, waiting for me to find something positive to say about it.  Now that they've finally released another Sims 4 trailer (and things don't seem to have progressed much further), it seemed like a good time to mention the new and improved CAS as demonstrated by SimGuru Ryan and some random Sim that was unlucky enough to stand too close to him...

At least now you know that, no matter how bad you are at creating Sims that look like real people, you can't do worse than the team that have had way more practice than you.  That's a positive, right?

With all those push-pull controls, it looks like they forgot to add the right ones to create pointy-headed, manically grinning Sims.  Maybe all bald guys really do look the same and I just didn't realise it?

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