23 August 2013

Sass Awrful! *

The Sims 4 reveal started with an "arrival" trailer so lame that most of real people in it were having trouble faking enthusiasm.  Not least because the fake people are having trouble doing anything real at all.  It was followed by a "gameplay" trailer that just wasn't convincing ... especially if they were trying to convince me to pre-order the game. 

Overall Sims 4 is looking too much like a shiny plastic online social game (which I'd guess it was going to be until SimCity 2013 happened) and not enough like an interesting way to mess around and spend some time.  I still haven't decided if the Sims are more realistic or not since they kinda look more real but seem less realistic.  I wasn't convinced I really wanted to play around with them at all.  Though maybe it's just that I found all of the Sims in the trailers annoying.  Really annoying.  Put-them-in-the-pool-and-take-away-the-ladder annoying.  

I know a lot of people are excited by the click and drag functionality shown in Create-A-Sim.  I suspect I'd be spending way too long trying to get that bit exactly right and then the next bit and the next ... only to have the first bit shoot off in an unexpected direction.  Hopefully there will be some pre-made feature options to choose from to make the job easier for beginners (and those that just don't care how imperfect their Sims look).  

Anyway, the build mode functionality they showed looked interesting.  Automating some of that basic stuff would be great for beginners.  And the ability to pick building sections up and move them around would be extremely useful.  I mean, who hasn't nearly finished building and wished they'd started two squares over? 

Unfortunately it sounds like Create-A-Style won't be available, at least in the base game.  I'm not convinced that I'd want to go back being stuck with the finishes and patterns provided in the game the way it was in Sims 2.  It's an odd decision since the functionality was a very popular addition to Sims 3.  

Mostly I'm not convinced that I need to know (or care) what my Sims are feeling.  Nice if this emotion engine is like the memory system in Sims 2 so they can react to stuff in the future but not so if they just flounce and pout like over-emotional teenagers every time they don't like the decor.  Though it would make a change for there to be a point in giving them a favourite colour, I guess.  Not a good enough reason to pre-order though.  

* Simlish for "that's awful" (because I couldn't find the simlish for "that's unconvincing")