18 August 2013

And you're back in the room ...

Can't believe it's so long since I've posted but ... um ... I was waiting for the most popular post here to be "Sims 4" rather than anything about Supernatural.  There. That almost sounds plausible.  Anyway, there's been nothing official on Sims 4 yet either ... since when they might tell us something and who the developers are don't count *rolls eyes and sighs*.   

I haven't been playing much of Sims 3 lately as I got sucked into the new expansion for Civilization V and once again time just disappears ... *pauses for one more turn*  

I did get the TS3 University Life expansion and was pleasantly surprised to find the gameplay enjoyable.  Sad to say, travelling still sucks and is the main reason I won't be getting TS3 Island Paradise and TS3 Into The Future in any hurry (if at all).  

I've splurged on a few store worlds (Dragon Valley, Monte Vista and Sunlit Tides), more for the content than the worlds themselves.  And I have been completing a few sets over on the Sims 3 store.  Congrats store team, it's actually a useful function ... once you got it working, of course.  

Can't believe how useful those random items I picked up from the daily deal or sale pages were in getting sets and compilations free or at very low cost.  It helps that they've actually fixed the launcher so it doesn't spit out my store content when I try to add anything.  I'm well and truly over with reinstalling everything every time I buy something new.  

Mostly I've been doing a bit of test playing to try out the new worlds as well as a few things I hadn't got to with the various expansions.  And quite a bit of making over lots with the new content.  All very much works-in-progress at the moment.  

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