14 June 2012

Oh, Super ... Natural!

Remember all those months ago when you were first playing Late Night and thinking "why aren't my vampires more intriguing?"  Well, apparently it's because EA wanted to string out interest in the supernatural theme for several months so they could bring in as many pre-order dollars as possible with one expansion pack - TS3 Supernatural.  As far as I can work out, the only vaguely intriguing thing about the vampires is that the SimGurus aren't allowed to talk about them.

The pack does look good but I'm not getting too excited just yet, not least 'cos the Sims team seems to be more than excited enough for the rest of us.  Possibly at the thought of all those lovely pre-orders.  And it's a definite positive that they haven't tried to shove KP in there somewhere.  Yet.

Seriously though, it's all the bits I loved (and still love) playing in Sims 2.  Not that I was hanging out for them in particular but it's nice to see some of the quirky stuff back.  I think I'll avoid the official forums for a while so the pre-release speculating, wittering and bickering don't put me off. 


Caturae said...

I'm sure they'll somehow manage to add in a Katy Perry zombie and hope no-one notices.

miss_tickle said...

I thought she been zombified already (so I guess no one will notice).