07 December 2011


Remember how after Late Night was released and anyone whose game wasn't overwhelmed with cars, vampires, celebrities or paparazzi was asking ... "how come the bands don't have lead singers?" ... "where are the pool tables for the dive bars?" ... "why don't the clubs have DJs or karaoke?" ... "what's with the creepy magicians and why can't my Sim be one?" ... "where's Katy Perry singing in simlish?" 

Well, now we know ...  EA were holding them back for the first ever expansion of an expansion pack ... the TS3 Late Night 2.0 Showtime EP.  Actually, it looks they're still trying to teach Katy Perry simlish, judging by the trailer, but otherwise it's all there. 

And wasn't that a good choice of theme song since the forums, official and otherwise, went off like a firework  ... though not in a good way.  So far opinion on the official forums about the introduction of "social features" is running about 25% for and 75% against.

Personally I'm not in favour.  When I'm playing Sims 3 I want to focus on the game so I'm rarely online or doing other things at the same time.  If I want to chat about Sims or share my creations then there are plenty of forums to visit.  I have no interest in linking my Sims world to Facebook.  There's a pretty good chance those nifty "social features" will be included in the game release patch so they'll be hard to avoid, even if you don't buy the EP.  And it looks like you will miss out on functionality and exclusive content if you don't play the game their way.

EA has been pushing Facebook for some time and it's clear they see plenty of benefit to themselves (presumably monetary) in expanding that connection.  Never mind the unwanted marketing intrusions into our game and the potential for it all to go very sour game performance wise, Facebook can't even keep Mark Zuckerberg's holiday snaps private so what chance do the rest of us have to maintain a little privacy?

I think I'll be giving this one a miss. 


bluebellflora said...

EA have managed to kill another game that used to be great. Typical.

miss_tickle said...

At the moment I'm waiting to see what this all means for the game. No more purchases for me until the impact of the social features is known since this might mean the end of Sims 3 for me. Based on past performance, that'll won't be until sometime in March when the patch is released ... and we know what kind of magic Twallan can perform!