08 August 2011

Ah Um Spuckin Inglush Full

So I thought I'd try out the urlai blog analysing thingy that everyone has been playing with lately.  And what do you know, it seems to have been confused by my accent ... 

Mind you, that result certainly contains English words ... but I can understand why the widget thought my sentence structure and grammar might be foreign. 


poida said...

You have short feeds enabled in your settings, yes? It seems that site has issues when you set your feed to short instead of full (or maybe I'm just speculating)

And I love the phrase "Could not find any enough English posts" good grammar there >_<

miss_tickle said...

And, if you are in a pedantic frame of mind, "fewer than 75 words" would be better.

Yes, it was set to short feeds so that's probably it.