11 March 2011

Talking 'bout Sims Generations

So rumour has it that the new TS3 expansion pack will be called Generations ... as revealed through a Google search and now seemingly confirmed by the local classification decision.  No official word from EA as yet (unless hiding the evidence under the rug counts) ... but we can't really expect that until after the release of Sims Medieval later this month.

The EA forums are still running hot with speculation on whether the rumour is true ... whether it will be a good expansion or not ... when it will be announced ... when it will be released ... if there will be basketball hoops.  And, of course, the pets and weather lobbies are voicing their disappointment. 

So what is it supposed to be about?  

With Generations, Sims of every age can enjoy new activities!  Kids can hang out with friends in tree houses.  Teens can pull hilarious pranks.  Adults can suffer midlife crises.  And so much more!

Actually, that doesn't sound too bad.  Like there might finally be something more interesting to do than progress from cot to potty to school and beyond in as few Sim days as possible.  Not to mention new things to look forward to on retirement. 

Let's hope they'll add more realistic family interactions.  And, fingers crossed, that it comes with no new bugs or glitches ... and maybe a few fixes for the old ones ... so we can all enjoy playing it!

Update:  And now an official looking but still unofficial trailer... that was up for at least a week and has now disappeared!  

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