19 February 2011

Joining the Mod Squad

TS3 ran fine until I installed Late Night.  There were the little things, the known bugs like Sims couldn't excavate, but nothing major.  Until LN brought with it spawning cars, abandoned in the streets and clogging Sim inventories ... stuck Sims that started to levitate over their beds ... Sims that couldn't be reset and eventually became invisible ... elevators that stuck so Sims had to sleep and pee in the apartment lobby ... butlers that didn't turn up and maids that left before they did anything ... a play button that couldn't play ... a launcher that crashed and refused to download ... Error 12 repeatedly and no way to save the game ... and so much more.

So I cleared the caches ... changed the DEP settings ... deleted all of the cars that I saw in the street ... reset Sims when they got stuck ... replaced the elevators ... replaced the clubs ... replaced the ambitions buildings in Bridgeport ... reinstalled the whole game ... everything that was suggested.   But I could only play as long as I spent at least twice as much time maintaining the game ... until it just wasn't fun any more.  I spent my time waiting for the game to fall over again.

Eventually I gave in and installed some of Twallan's mods after seeing so many positive comments and recommendations on the official forums.  Despite the official EA line that mods and custom content ruin your game, I figured things couldn't get any worse.  I'm so glad I took the plunge as Overwatch and Debugenabler mean I can play without my poor computer tying itself up in knots.   With the added benefit of being able to makeover those ugly townies with a couple of clicks. 

I'm disappointed that EA aren't able to (or don't think they should) fix at least some of the widespread bugs when third-party mods can deal with them within a couple of days.  But I'm glad the mods are out there so I can enjoy TS3 again. 

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