15 February 2011

Back to Sunset Valley

I recently decided to start a new game in Sunset Valley.  I haven't played a game there since the other neighbourhoods were added.  So I've been having lots of fun adding content from the expansion and stuff packs like musical instruments, hot tubs and games.  I've added a dance club ... it's always a hot spot ... junkyard, consignment store, salon, fire station and the Plumbob Pictures backlot.

My first good deed was to resurrect Agnes Crumplebottom's fiance, Erik Darling.  As you can see above, she's not so grumpy now.  Though it's probably a bit mean to put him in a hot tub since he originally died by drowning.  The latest arrivals in town are the Caliente sisters (from Barnacle Bay) and Don Lothario (from Riverview).   I'm looking forward to fun and games with the three of them ... especially as they are all in the movie career.

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