23 September 2014


I feel like I've been playing a lot of Viral Roulette lately.  Almost every week it's been a new set of symptoms, a day or so off work then feeling better by the end of the week, just to start all over again. Lucky I went for the free flu vac from work or I'd have really been in trouble.  Ah, the joys of late Winter and the change in seasons.  But, yay, now Spring has sprung!  Ah-choo!

Spent a lot of time playing Civilization V and Banished for the low key gameplay and the achievement hunting.  A teeny bit of building in The Sims 3 and a revisit of Skyrim.  Checking in with my hirelings and some crafting in Elder Scrolls Online.  Also, downloaded but haven't tried the CAS demo for The Sims 4.  Waiting for the next Civilization and Borderlands games out next month then Dragon Age and Pokemon in November.

Surprisingly, I find myself even less interested in The Sims 4 now that it has been released.  Mostly I think it's the EA porky-pie factor and the less than stellar handling of the whole thing so I'm going to give it a bit longer to settle in.  Anyway, I assume that, if sales had met or exceeded EA's expectations, we would've heard by now.

I don't normally enjoy watching other people play video games but this one is definitely worth the time (more for the commentary than for how the game plays since that's pretty much as you'd expect).  Also, go and check out NerdCubed plays... The Stanley Parable  when you get a chance.  

Lastly... 20,000!

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